This tutorial will explain how to use the Windows Camera app to record video and audio with the onboard webcam. We will focus on some technical aspects of the app, framing your shot effectively, and delivering the best performance. Please review this full documentation before beginning your recording.


The native Windows Camera app is a simple but effective tool to record video from a webcam. However, there are a few quick things to set up properly before recording.

To ensure that you are using the correct audio device, right-click on the speaker icon in the system tray and open your…

Five lessons I learned as an assistance director that have made me a better commercial filmmaker.

Mountain-Top Scout.

Last March, our small Portland, Maine-based production company hit the slopes in Vermont to film some broadcast spots for Stowe Mountain Resort. Although we did not have as much experience filming action sports, we’d worked with the agency before and were confident executing the life-style component of the spots. We pitched an outside director with related skills and as a combined team won the work. Since I wouldn’t be directing — my typical role — I would be playing the assistant director role, a first for me.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the AD is really more like a producer…

How Wistia’s report, “Does Production Quality Matter in Video Advertising?” is flawed and why you shouldn’t act on its findings.

If you haven’t read the study published last week, here’s a link to the story.

Wistia, a software company, hired Sandwich Video, a production company, to create three versions of the same product video — for three different budgets: $1k, $10k, and $100k. Wistia then used analytics to determine which spot performed the best per dollar spent. The result was that the video produced for $10k performed twice as well as the other videos.

After taking a closer look at the study’s methodology in their in-depth report, it’s clear that this experiment is flawed in its basic premise, and it…

Brian Chin

Brian Chin is a director and co-founding partner of p3 Maine, a Portland-based video agency. Follow the work at

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